Sunday, November 7, 2010

Please read and help me out: after watching today's La Ink cancer episode today....

mum and i sat down and had a talk about cancer and all the different ways it has affected people we know.

My mum had a cancer scare this year, and although she hasn't kept me or my siblings updated with it, we know it has touched our family.

So after watching the episode, instead of studying for my exams, i have been sitting on the internet researching cancer, and causes, and treatments and organisations that help spread the awareness of cancer.

For me I can't go past Skate4Cancer. The founder Rob Dyer was on the episode of La Ink and I did a heap of research into the organisation.

Check out the website here

Unlike most other organisations i have come across, Skate4Cancer isnt interested in making money, but instead spreading awareness, especially to young people. B skating across countries (he did Australia Nov 09 to Feb 10) Rob and his team help to let people everywhere know about ways to prevent cancer and spread awareness of the disease.

They also hold a music event called "The Cure Is Knowledge" which has been to Canada and will be in Europe soon.


Sometime next year i want to put on a show in Melbourne in support of Skate4Cancer. I want to get bands, people, organisations involved. I wanted to get a basic idea whether anyone would actually be interested in it before i contact Skate4Cancer and see what the deal would be. So if you could please repost this and spread the word so i can gauge interest that would be fantastic !

Thank you so much !

Dream. Love. Cure.

"We may not raise enough money to change the world, but we may be able to raise enough people to change the world. So spread the word!"

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