Monday, October 26, 2009

i left myself...

here on this chair
right now
in this moment
im taking a step forward

i wrote down all the things i hate
everything i want to change
and all i want to achieve
everything im still holding on to
now i will leave it here
in the moment of 5.06pm on the 27th of October 2009
i realise that there is too much i am allowing to effect me
things i should move on from
and things i shouldnt want

i know i need to change
for myself and everyone around me
the downward spiral i have put myself in isnt helping anyone

so now its time to get out of it......

Friday, October 16, 2009

just felt...

in the mood for writing
i dont believe i have done enough of this lately
ive been more in a talking mood
talking way too much
just to fill in the silence
and to stop me from thinking

so anyway
i was posting for a good reason
because i am in a great mood
and this blog wont be as depressing as my others

today i looked in the mirror
and saw myself
a reflection i have been avoiding for some time
but i didnt see the girl i usually see
i saw someone better
someone a lot closer to the girl i want to be
i know im moving forward
slowly getting out of my self loathing headspace
and i like it
positive thinking will get me further i am sure

and also i bought the cutest dress today
but mum said my long legs make it look too short so i have to wear tights underneath!
its still cute anyway :D

Sunday, October 4, 2009


finds their way out of the dark
everyone finds their little spark
but me ill stand her in these shadows
ill let the blackness cover me whole
i needed you to be my torch
to light my path
to show me the way
but you said you had no batteries
well isnt that a great excuse?