Thursday, November 5, 2009

the worst feeling....

in the world would have to be feeling invisible
walking into a crowded room
and knowing that no one notices you
out of the ten thousand faces engaged in conversation
not one turns in your direction
not one gives you a simple smile
or acknowledges you exist

at this point in my life i have been reduced to nothing more than wallpaper
blending into the background
a small piece of an interior that will at anytime be discarded for a more modern upgrade.

i stand surrounded by faces that sit silent but yet are noticed by the masses
while here i am longing for that one pair of eyes to fall on me.
a pair of eyes that will never meet mine
the invisible will never be noticed
so the broken will never be fixed

in a crowded room you are all i see
in an empty space you stare through me

from a thought in my mind
this now stands directed at one
it isnt meant to be about you
my every thought doesnt revolve around you


one day two eyes wont see through me
one day the invisible will be seen.

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