Sunday, March 21, 2010

because we speak in pointless nothings....

so ive decided against deleting all my previous blogs.

Although i did read over it and realised that they do paint a rather bad picture of myself. This is why i have decided to post a blog telling you all a little bit about myself.
My full name is Gloria Brancatisano, my parents didnt believe in middle names.
Though i like the name Pixiie.....i wish more people called me it.
i am named after Gloria Estefan because she was my parent's favourite singer when i was born.
I was born on the 15th of May 1992, this makes me 18 very very soon.
i have a twin sister named bianka (not really with the k) she is a minute older than me.
this year i am in Year 12 and its freaking me out.
When i finish i hope to go to uni and study journalism.
i want to be a music journalist.
But as soon as my year 12 exams are over and i get back from schoolies i want to begin a piercing appreticeship.
i love tattoos and piercings, at the moment i dont have much of each.
Only both my ears stretched to a measley 10mm and my smiley done, but for my 18th im getting a medusa piercing.
i tried getting 'ALEX' tattooed in my lip but that was an epic fail, but as an 18th present (half from my best friend and half from myself) i am getting my thigh a tattoo. (ILL POST THE DESIGN WHEN IT IS FINALISED)
uumm i dont know what else to say.
im actually a pretty boring person.
i dont have any quirks or interesting facts that seperate me from the crowd.
Im just me: plain old simple Gloria.
i probably wont interest you from the get go,,,,and you might find me slightly obnoxious.
i have my own beliefs but i promise to accept yours.!
I am probably the most awkward and shy person you will ever meet, but you wont be able to tell through my writing.

ill add to this as it comes to me... :D

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