Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hours spent sleeping are only hours wasted....

bleh everything feels so wrong at the moment
yet i am more content with the direction my life is going then ever before.
i feel as if im finally shedding my skin, getting rid of the old, useless Gloria and growing into a better one.
im not going to pretend that i dont regret many of my recent actions, but i can't dwell on those mistakes, all they do i bring me down.

Almost half of my year 12 year has gone past, and i am finally 18. It is scary just how fast this year has gone and just how quickly i am growing up.

There are only 138 days until 'Muck Up' Day.
fuck that is scary. in 138 days the routine i have known for 13 years will be over.
i'm not sure what i'll even do with my life. Well i know ill be going to uni...but the world of university seems much bigger and entirely different to the world i am in at the moment.

it it true what people say. the days of a year 12 student dont involve much sleep at the end. most days i am living on no more then 3 or 4 hours sleep. Especially as it is coming up to the end of semester and the SACs are piling on. thank god im not 'smart' enough to do a science. no mid years for me =D

Although, i cant complain. Year 12 is going rather splendidly for me. i am doing better in all my subjects then i ever thought i would. i'd like to do a bit better in english, but im getting A's so i should be alright.

138 days and counting.....

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