Friday, June 25, 2010

remembering what is hardest to forget...

i’d give anything in the world to take back everything i ever said to you,

to erase from my memory everything you ever said to me,

to forget ever knowing you,

to elimininate everything i ever felt for you.

because if you hadnt existed in my life i wouldnt be sitting here wishing i still meant something to you. it sucks when the past creeps back into the future and you realise something that you had pushed aside never actually went away.

and i will sit here and tell everyone that i dont care about you anymore, and that you didnt mean half as to much to me as you actually did (as you still do). i will tell myself i dont need you anymore and that i can forget you the way you have forgotten me.

but the truth is no matter how far from your mind i am you still own a piece of me, and no matter how much you dont want it i dont know how to take it back.

i am a mess and i miss you….


DuDo said...

I love this :) its truly emo!!! can see how u miss your loved one...

mellymay said...

i know exactly how you feel :(