Tuesday, September 1, 2009

as the wind changes...

today i sit here thinking
yes, again i am thinking about you
a name that never left my thoughts
though never dominated them either
i look at you now and it makes me sick
sick to think that i let you mean so much to me
sick to think that i let you take so much
you are filthy and you are a joke
your life has become nothing more than a haze spent in gutters
im glad you didnt let me into your life
im glad you pushed me away
because all the hurting has allowed me to see
that you are not worth my time
not even a second
you are barely worth these words im writing
so dig your grave
and dig it deep
6 feet isnt enough for that big head you have aquired
theyll see you on the otherside dear
we'll all laugh as you continue your decent

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