Friday, September 11, 2009

The New Me....

i woke up today and went into the study where my computer lives
in this room there is a mirror that stretches from roof to floor and would be about 150 cms wide.
as i peered at what was staring back at me, my stomach turned.
this is a regular occurrence, the girl staring back at me repulses me.

this morning at around 9.30 am i have decided to make a change.
i am sick of being the girl who loathes herself and therefore has no self confidence or self esteem.
i know that this is the main reason as to why such negative people are easily welcomed into my life.
i dont want to be the girl who hates walking around in public, who'd much rather wear a paper bag to cover her face instead of facing the thoughts of everyone around her.
Assuming everyone see me the way i see myself, while seeming very realistic probably isnt.

so from right now, at 9.36am i am starting my new challenge.
By the end of the year i want to have taught myself how to love me, or at least like it.
i am the person who has to be stuck in this skin forever so i better start embracing it ay?
Maybe then, when i have at least a morsel of self confidence more positive people will begin to enter into my life.

This blog will be used as a vessel to document my progress, either positive or negative.
if you have any advise or have heard any good tips please pass them on
as i know this challenge will be a hard one for me.
after pretty much 9 years of hating myself i am going to try and turn it around in a few short months.
well they do say it only takes 21 days to form a habit
maybe i can form the habit of liking myself =]

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