Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'll sport a smile, take in some color; under the stars, i'll be your lover

that lonely feeling likes to creep up
the one when it seems like no one is around
yet you are standing in a room full of people

smiles only hide thoughts of hatred and disappointment
hatred towards my self, disappointment in all i do

i wish i had someone to hold
someone to help me pass the time
but no one is here when i need them
what smart people you are
ill only bring you down

i wish i could just close my eyes and id transport into the future
a future when everything would be great
when everything would be the way i want it to be
i know that is an unrealistic wish
maybe some day ill at least get part of that vision

tonight ill go to sleep and dream of this future
at least when im asleep the emptiness goes away....

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