Friday, April 16, 2010

i like my coffee black just like my metal...

So, my massive beef at the moment is something that is pretty important to me and it has to do with the condition of our local music scene in Melbourne and how ever so quickly we are losing it.

Being someone who organises gigs i can symapthize with the bands that are saying no one is coming out to their shows because i can assure you, it is true!

If you can say you love a band and you can buy, or probably download, their album/s and you can tell everyone how much you love them and you can post their lyrics in your bulletins and statuses etc...then why the fuck cant you get down to one of their shows...its as simple as that. Bands livelihoods revolve around playing shows and seeing their fans (because that is what you call yourselves) watching them. Most of these bands play shows that cost no more than 20 dollars, but you will find a lot of the gigs, especially if they are with FReeZA committees, are going to be free or pretty close to that anyway. So go and get ten bucks and go and see a local show. Not only is it a lot of fun but the bands and organisors love it :)

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Anonymous said...

i think sydney is kind of the opposite. bands are bragging rights so people go, but alot are just going to shows is to be seen.
it's fucked.