Friday, April 23, 2010

if you wanted a blog written about you, all you had to do was ask...

and i promised my self i wouldn't spend this weekend crying about you but just like every promise ever made to always gets broken

i know you will never read these words
and even if you did i know you wouldn't care

but i wish i could get the feeling back
the one you gave me.
you were the only person in the history of forever who made me feel beautiful and so quickly you took that feeling away...i hate you for doing that, i want that feeling back.

i want so badly for you to be back in my life
the way it was before
id stay up every night just to talk to you
and wake up in the morning just to read the cute things you'd left for me

you used to tell me i was beautiful and for the first time in forever i actually believed it, because i believed you...i believe everything you'd ever told me. how foolish i can be

now i sit here crying because i cant stop thinking about you.....i have waited so long for today and i knew it'd only bring disappointment but i never expected it'd feel like this...i didn't think you still meant that much to me....

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