Thursday, April 22, 2010

you can crush me, so please dont crush me...

you are just two people filling eachother's void for human attention and affection. Dont trick yourself into believing it is much more that, its impossible for it to be.

You are just two kids who long to be loved and therefore you have created the illusion of it, and in the fear of it dwindling away you will fight so powerfully to keep that illisuion there. Oh how i hate the over use of 'i love you' these days. It used to mean something, now its thrown around by every love sick teeanger who has been in a relationship for a few days.

And i see the path you are taking, you have walked this path so many times before, the path just had a different face, this road a different name. And i know the way it will end, you throw yourself into these things too quickly. And how can you say ' i love you' and then go and do the other things you do....dont worry honey i want rat you out!

But when you are done playing magician maybe you can sink back to planet earth for a while.....

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